Paper: Multizone Reproduction of Speech Soundfields – A Perceptually Weighted Approach

Recent work on perceptual soundfield reproduction for multizone soundfield cases was presented in Hong Kong at the Asia-Pacific Signal & Information Processing Association Annual Summit and Conference (APSIPA ASC).

Results - Multizone Reproduction of Speech Soundfields- A Perceptually Weighted Approach

J. Donley and C. Ritz, “Multizone Reproduction of Speech Soundfields: A Perceptually Weighted Approach,” presented at the Asia-Pacific Signal and Information Processing Association, 2015, pp. 342–345. 10.1109/APSIPA.2015.7415290

You can download the pre-published copy for free here.


In this paper a method for the reproduction of multizone speech soundfields using perceptual weighting criteria is proposed. Psychoacoustic models are used to derive a space-time-frequency weighting function to control leakage of perceptually unimportant energy from the bright zone into the quiet zone. This is combined with a method for regulating the number of basis planewaves used in the reproduction to allow for an efficient implementation using a codebook of predetermined weights based on desired soundfield energy in the zones. The approach is capable of improving the mean squared error for reproduced speech in the bright zone by -10.5 decibels. Results also show that the approach leads to a significant reduction in the spatial error within the bright zone whilst requiring 65% less loudspeaker signal power for the case where the soundfield in this zone is in line with, and hence partially directed to, the quiet zone.

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